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Requirement to Join

  • Have a winning percentage greater than 62% (min. 25 battles)
  • Be Active a least once every 2 weeks
  • Have been rank 26 or higher
  • Streak of 14 or better

  *Some exceptions can be made for certain players* 

 ↓ Made by -Gabriel 

  • Squad leaders (must earn the trust/respect of all squad leaders and have been in the clan for a long period of time, recruited other memers, sends invites, gives other players teams/stratergies, ect.)
  • Squad mebers (must meet basic requirements and be selected by a squad leader)
  • Captians (Top 4 Members that are not in a squad)
  • 1st Lieutenant (A little above 2nd lt. and has been in the clan for over 2 weeks) 
  • 2nd Lieutenant (Stats are a step above Soilders)
  • Soilder (must meet basic requirements)
  • Gfxers (must be able to make signs, banners, etc.)
  • Trial (Some one who is very close to meeting the basic requirements)
  • V.I.P. (memers that do things to help the clan like help advertise,comes to chatbox, give ideas, ect.) 

◊ Ranks are based on several things ◊

  • Winning percentage
  • Daily activity
  • Highest Rank
  • Winning %
  • Streak
  • Submission of GFXing (and Gfxing ability)
  • Time in the Clan
  • Clan Advertisement
  • Daily Activity
  • Recruting other players
  • Being in the chatroom


   Ranking System

Winning percentage

* Having a good win to loss ratio.

Daily activity

* Doing anything Naruto-Arena related. This includes (but not limited to) playing matches, posting on Naruto-Arena, Helping other clan members, etc.

Highest level

* The highest level you have ever achieved in Naruto-Arena.


* The most amount of games you won in a row without receiving a loss.

Submission of GFXing (and Gfxing ability)

* Any thing that you wish to submit to the clan such as avatars, tags, banners, signs, userbars, etc. Work given must be approved by the creator and credit must be given to the creator.

 Time in the Clan

* Total amount of time you spent in the clan. (We only take account of the day you entered the clan)

Clan Advertisement

* Having an avatar or sign that has clan name on it or has its abbreviations (sky). Telling other people about clan and its awesomeness through private messages, Naruto-Arena boards, in chatbox and any other form of communication.

Recruting other players

* Getting others to join the clan and sending invites to deserving clanless people. 

Being in the chatroom

* Coming to the chat room when you have time to interact with the rest of the clan.


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